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Hello, thank you for looking me up- although I have been an actress for all my life, I also write crime novels- so this web is about both sides of my bow
My crime novels are police procedural, they feature a murder division based in South London, where crime is pretty tough. I write how it is- although all my work is fiction.
My latest book will hit the shops in March. It is available, currently for pre-order, on Amazon and is called GUTS FOR GARTERS.  It features DI Georgia Johnson once again and her sidekick Sgt Stephanie Green but introduces a tough girl gang who now run the streets in South London. It will come straight out in paper-back and also as an e-book. It will be published by Accent press. 
Many thanks for all your lovely letters. It is so encouraging to hear you are enjoying these books. I intend to write many more.
  There is a contact address at back of this web. I love to hear what you think, it is very important to me, so drop me an e-mail if you want. There are also e-mails and links to follow if you want to get signed or dedicated copies. Or the event page will tell you where I will be giving talks or signings. It would be great to see you.
Incidentally, if you do like my books, I would be delighted to get reviews on Amazon from you. It really does help when you are a new author. And, this way I can strive to get better.
 Behind You, Passion Killers, Dead Like Her, and Brotherhood of Blades, Street Girls, and now GUTS FOR GARTERSare also available on e-format for your convenience
I really hope you enjoy reading any, or all, of them.
On the acting front I have also been busy- in television and commercials, and have just finished a spell in the afternoon soap DOCTORS for BBC.
Also, there are re-runs of the Hi-De-He series on BBC Two, daily. I played April in the last 28 episodes.
And, If you want to read more about my acting assignments, press the ACTING button at the top of this page. If you follow that, you can also see a short video of some my work.
Have a Nice Day, many thanks for checking into this. I so appreciate your support and interest, and I send all good wishes to you,
        Linda x

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